The Verizon FiOS Innovation

Arriving to consumers over fiber optic networks is FiOS, a cable TV, broadband internet as well as phone service from Verizon. Folks can select amongst any of the FiOS products, or maybe package them alongside one another for price savings, plus utilize online codes to get the cost lower more. Verizon typically provides periodic promotions, […]

The History of Recorded Music

It’s funny that my grandmother can probably talk about most of the history of recorded music from memory. I wonder what I will be able to tell my grandkids about the industry in another 50 years…. The first recording of sound occurred in 1857 as a visual study, but there was no ability to play […]

History of Movie Technology

Before 1971, when the first videocassette players made for home use were released, movies were only enjoyed in theaters and sometimes on television. Since the decline in popularity of the VCR, DVD and Blu-ray have become the preferred format for most consumers. Upon first being released, two formats of video cassettes competed to become the […]